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Mom and Dad Potato sit down with their three daughter potatoes. "Kids,"they say, "you're old enough now to go out and find yourselveshusbands. We want you to be happy with them, but we also want you to besure and choose a husband the whole family can be proud of." With that,they send their children forth to find mates.A few months later the first daughter returns. "Mom, Dad, I'd like youto meet my fiance, Peter Potato. Peter's from Idaho.""Idaho! Wonderful! Welcome to the family, Peter."A few months after that the second daughter comes home. "Mom, Dad, I'dlike you to meet my fiance, Paul Potato. Paul is from Maine.""Maine! Well, delighted to meet you, Paul."A few months after that, the third daughter walks in. "Mom, Dad, I'dlike you to meet my fiance, Tom Brokaw.""Um...would you excuse us for a moment, Tom?"The parents take the third daughter aside and tell her that they do notapprove of this match and will cut her out of the will if she goesthrough with it."But Mom! Dad! I thought you'd be thrilled! What's the matter withTom Brokaw?""Don't you understand? He's a common tater!"
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When my wife and I decided to get married we'd been going out for a few years. We really loved each other and we wanted everything to be perfect... and pretty much everything was, except that one thing had been bothering me. Her sister was a babe and many times I visited, she would flirt with me, bending over in front of me, things I didn't want to acknowledge.

Well a couple of nights before the wedding, she called me over to help her with some boxes. She was moving out of her apartment. When I arrived, I found her alone on the couch wearing decidedly little. I was shocked and she explained to me that she'd always wanted me and that it was her final opportunity, as these were my last few days as a bachelor. Well, I didn't know what to do. She told me she would go upstairs and wait and if I wanted to, I could follow her, but if I didn't, I could just leave.

I waited for a moment and then went outside only to find her dad almost in tears with joy saying he knew now that I was really the right man and that I had his blessing to marry his daughter. This was a test to see just how loyal I was!

Moral of the story: always leave your condoms in the car.
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A man is driving through the countryside when he sees a sign that reads "Pigs for sale, next left". Curiosity got the better of him and he turned into the farm.The farmer greets him at the gate and asks him which pig he wants. The man, having no experience of buying pigs simply points at one and asks "how much is that one?". The farmer grabs the pig's tail between his teeth, lifts the pig off the floor and says "200" Slightly confused, tha man says "thats a bit expensive, how about that one" and points at another pig. Again the father picks up the pig by the tail between his teeth and says "that ones heavier, so it'll be about 250". "Heavier?" said the man, "am i supposed to believe you are weighing them" "Yes siad the farmer, thats how you weigh pigs, everybody knows that, ask my daughter" The man turns to his daughter and sure enough she says "thats how you weigh pigs". By this point the man is sure he is being conned, and is about to leave when the farmer says, "hang on, i'll prove that this is how you weigh pigs, ask my wife". To which his daughter added "Oh, you can't ask her, she's weighing the postman".
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