Joke 832

One day a guy is sitting in his office when he hears a voice in his head. The voice says, "Go to Las Vegas." He thinks nothing of it until the next day when he hears the voice again, "Go to Las Vegas." He continues to ignore the voice, but it comes back every hour, then every minute, and by the end of the day he can't take it any more. Finally he gives in, fills up his gas tank and drives to Las Vegas.

The moment he arrives, he hears the voice again, only this time it says, "Go to a casino." Beginning to think that maybe the voice is leading him to something wonderful, he goes to the first casino he can find. As soon as he walks through the front doors of the casino, the voice is back, and says, "Go to the roulette table." So the guy makes his way to the roulette table as quickly as possible. By now the anticipation is getting him very excited. As he approaches the roulette table, the voice says, "Bet everything you have on 24 black." The guy pushes his way to the front, and throws all he has on the table and shouts, "Let it all ride on 24 black!!" The dealer spins the wheel, drops in the ball, and around it goes... Finally the wheel comes to a stop. The dealer calls out, "14 Red." The voice says, "Shit!"
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