Joke 620

R. Boles was an amazing man. Every day, he would climb a palm tree andfly it to work. Word got to the military about the abilities of thisman. They brought him to the base to see if the rumors were true and ifhis abilities might be used. The man was worried because he could see nopalm trees. But nobody would listen. They told him, "Trees is trees,right?"Anyway, they brought him to the general, who wanted him to demonstrate what hecould do. He said, "But sir, this is an elm tree."But the general snarled back, "Trees is trees, right? Now get in that tree,and fly."The man climbed the tree and tried to fly it. He tried and tried again, butthe tree wooden even budge. The general got impatient. "What's the matter,son? Can't you fly trees?""Sir, that's what I've been trying to tell everyone. I'm a palm pilot!"
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