Joke 264

This guy's walking home from work, really late, in the pitch black of night.There isn't another soul on the street. Suddenly, from out of the gloom,comes an ominous bump...bump...bump. He looks behind him and spots afurtive, shadowy thing coming down the street after him. Unnerved, he picksup his pace, finally breaking into a panicked run. He looks behind himagain, and the shadow is closer. Bump...bump...bump. The glow of astreetlight illuminates the shadow momentarily, and, to the man's horror, itis a coffin, bumping down the sidewalk. He quickens his pace, running asfast as he can go, but the coffin only pursues more quickly.BUMP...BUMP...BUMP! He reaches his house, fumbles frantically for hiskeys, and slips in the door just as the coffin reaches his front steps. Heslams the door and leans against it, catching his breath.Bump...bump...bump. There is a moment's silence, and the man wondersif he dares to breathe. Suddenly.... Bump...bump...bump...Bump...BUMP!BUMP! BUMPBUMPBUMPCRAAAAASH!!!! He rebounds away as the door breaks offits hinges. Scrambling to his feet, he charges up the stairs, and the coffinraces after. BUMP BUMP BUMP BUMP! Terrified, he backs into a cornerand starts throwing everything within reach at the coffin -- a handful ofpapers, a vase, a box of crackers, a lamp -- but the coffin keeps coming!BUMP BUMP BUMP BUMP BUMP INCHESFROMHISFACE, and nothing seems to slow it down!His hands fall upon a bottle of cough syrup, and he throws that at the coffin,too!The coffin stops.
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