Joke 168

One day three fishermen were out in a boat in the Gulf of Mexico. They hadnot caught a thing all day when suddenly, one of the fishermen's polesstarted jerking. He grabbed it and started reeling in his line and shouting,"I got something! I got something!"He had caught a nice fish, about ten inches long. The fishermen were aboutto revel in his accomplishment when the fish shook the hook out of hismouth and transformed into a being, half man and half fish, sporting a crownand holding a trident."Who are you?" said the frightened fisherman who had caught him."I AM NEPTUNE, GOD OF THE SEA, AND I AM GOING TO PUT A CURSE ON YOU LOWLYMORTALS! BEFORE YOU LEAVE HERE TODAY YOUR BOAT WILL SPRING A DOZEN LEAKS! ...NO, MAKE THAT A DOZEN AND A HALF!"And with that, he dove back into the waters. As soon as he was gone, thefishermen's boat had sprung so many leaks they were forced to swim to shore.To this day, they never forgot Neptune's eighteen-hole Gulf curse.
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